Primary school visit days: an ambassador’s view

Gemma O'Driscoll, a second year nursing student and one of our student ambassadors.

Gemma O’Driscoll, a second year nursing student and one of our student ambassadors.

by Gemma O’Driscoll, 2nd Year Adult Nursing

I can’t deny that at the start of my first school visit day, I was very daunted by the task of working with a group of excited year 6s, yet this feeling soon subsided when I realised that these children were probably just as daunted by me and the university environment.

Taking them around the university buildings, I was surprised by the type of things that they got very excited about. One pupil exclaimed that “Miss, those are sick [very cool]”, when describing the chairs with pull down tables found in the seminar rooms. Brought a smile to my face

In the space of just 30 minutes, my group were chatting away, confidently asking very good questions and filling me in on who is cool in the world of POP!

Not only did I enjoy the experience but it has provided me with an array of communication, co-ordination and time management skills which will be priceless in my course and future career as a practicing nurse. Being able to relate to people from all ages and backgrounds is a key feature of my work and indeed many jobs. Having a chance to represent the University and hopefully facilitate an informative yet fun experience for the students of the future, is great privilege.


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