Spring Schools in the Snow

By Danielle Russo, Widening Participation Projects Manager

Spring school season at City University London is now well underway – ironic considering the snowy weather we have been experiencing!  So far this year we have organised week long, subject specific programmes in Psychology, Engineering, and Business: all targeted at Year 10 pupils from schools across London.  By the end of July we will have delivered 10 programmes covering a range of subjects.

I love my role because I see the pupils who attend our spring and summer schools develop over the programme.  From the first day when the room is silent, and the pupils feel out of place not knowing what to expect from being at a university, to the final day when everyone is taking photos and swapping facebook and twitter details or mobile numbers, it really is fantastic to be able to share this experience with the pupils. For most pupils it is their first experience of visiting a university and I love seeing their understanding of HE advance over the week.

Each event has its highlights and amusing moments.  Whilst at Thorpe Park learning about the science behind how rides work we bumped into One Direction – this caused mass hysteria amongst the young ladies that were attending and among some of our student ambassadors as well!  I’ve also enjoyed exploring City’s Engineering department and testing out the flight simulators as well as watching pupils design their own psychology experiment and test these on unsuspecting people around the university.

Asked to comment on the Psychology Spring School one pupil replied “I thought that this was one of the best experiences this year so far and I loved it! University is more accessible than I previously thought.  I got to know more about what psychology is and what university is like.  It also helped me with my decision to do psychology when I’m older.”

I can only hope that the pupils who attend the rest of our events this year are as engaged and gain as much from participating in the programme.


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