Interview with Asiya Ali, by Tiffany Cheeseman

Year 9 summer school student Tiffany Cheeseman interviews student ambassador Asiya Ali.

Asiya Ali, first year Psychology student

Asiya Ali, first year Psychology student

In the face of adversity Asiya Ali, first year Psychology student at City University London has continued to persevere!  Asiya is deaf and has always wanted to study Audiology, the study of hearing disorders and the rehabilitation of people with hearing impairments, so that she can help other people facing the same difficulties.  However, while in college she was not provided with a reader and found it difficult to get any support from the disability office which had a huge impact on her marks.  Her marks prevented her from getting into her top choices of universities where she was planning to pursue Audiology, Chemistry and Biomedical Science.  But through the UCAS clearing process, she was able to secure a place at City studying Psychology and hasn’t looked back since.

Asiya always knew she wanted to study.  Her dad didn’t let her elder brother or sister go to college, so she was the first in her family to do so and it was her first time going to a mixed boys and girl’s school.  This made her feel privileged and gave her a sense of determination to succeed and make the most of it.  Psychology, Chemistry, and Biology were among the subjects Asiya studied at A-levels as well as completing a CVQ extended project qualification looking at the social development of individuals with hearing impairment.

Seeking out a greater challenge, she went on to develop her skills by partaking in the Duke of Edinburgh programme.  She took up badminton, learned first aid, volunteered to help PE teachers, and went on a three day camping expedition in the peak district where it was so cold that even without her hearing aid she could hear people shivering!  Her hard work paid off when she won the Duke of Edinburgh silver award.

Though she’s taken a much different route to Higher Education than the one she had originally planned, Asiya hasn’t given up on her dream.  When asked what she wants to do after she graduates from City, she said “I’m planning to do a 1 year master’s degree in Audiology”.


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