Print Journalism 2014 – Anastasiia

Just the Job

Anastasiia, student ambassador

What inspired you to come to the university?

Anastasiia moved to the university from Russia to pursue her dream of a good education in the financial industry.

What do you like about this university?

I like the international welcoming at the university because I am a foreign national which makes me feel better about being away from home.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

When I’m not in class I like ballroom dancing and skiing. I would like to improve the student union by creating more dance societies.

How did you feel when you left Russia?

I enjoy being independent, however I do miss my family and friends support.

What inspired you to become an economist?

I wanted to be an economist like my mother (because I’m a bit of a copycat) that is why I selected the financial industry. Anastasiia

What don’t you like about the university?

I don’t like all the self-studies and I want more tutorials.

How does it feel like to be an economist?

I find my job as an economist very interesting.

What is the most unexpecting thing in the  university

I was very impressed by the variety of countries and I was motivated by the university to get a job.


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