Print Journalism 2014 – Karishma


Karishma has been a student ambassador for two years at the City University in London. She is 21 years old and came to the university interested in studying Economics and is now the president of the photography society.

Why did you want to become a student ambassador at this university?

I really like helping and meeting new people, I also love kids and its fun to talk to them. Another reason is because I tried out City University for an open day and saw the brilliant career services and I wanted a degree and a good job.

What course did you do and why?

I studied Economics because I wanted to know how things work and also because of my A levels. In secondary school I was really good at Economics, I have learnt a lot since so I decided to take it as my degree.

What’s your hobby?

Art, travelling and photography. However, I really like astronomy and taking photos of the stars and the galaxy, it’s very fascinating and I am really good at it but I wouldn’t consider it as a career choice.

Why did you take up photography as a hobby?

I took photography because from a young age I was really passionate about it so I took it as a hobby. Although I have turned my hobby into a job and currently I am the president of the photography society I am also teaching others to be great photographers too.

What’s your favourite sport?

Badminton, it’s a really good sport although in my spare time I go out to play football with my friends but I do other sports as well just not as much.

If you could visit any country what would it be?

Japan, I visited it last time and it was spectacular. Also I like Thailand for all its aspects, it’s Karishmabeautiful. Although I have loved Japan since I was a child and watched Japanese cartoons and I still do.


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