Print Journalism 2014 – Maryam

 Just the Job

Maryam Farooqi works as a study ambassador whilst studying law. She was born on 28 April 1995 which makes her 18 years old. Her parents were born in France and Pakistan. Despite the fact, that she was young she wanted to study law. Now she is older she is studying law.

What inspired you to study law? 

‘When I was younger I watched lots of TV shows that involved crimes scenes and what police does.’

Why did you go to this university?

 ‘Because my brother used to come to this university and told me all about it and said he liked it, so I decide to come here.’

What country have you been to?

‘I have been to Kenya.’

In how many lectures have you fallen asleep?

‘I have fallen asleep in 4 lectures.’  

Have you ever been scared?

‘Yes, when I got my appendix taken out.’

If you could be a fruit or vegetable what would it be?

‘I would be a mango because I like hot places ’


Jakub, Raquel and Daniel


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