Bryan Steel


Former British athlete Bryan Steel was stumped when asked “had you not become an athlete what do you think you would be doing?” Steel was stumped he had no idea what he would be doing and came to the conclusion that he would either be working in his families car business or “in lots of trouble” , which is an assumption that his teachers came to.

Bryan told us that he used to get into trouble in school because he didn’t enjoy it also due to his dyslexia he found it hard to work in school because he just couldn’t understand. However it seems that his competitive streak didn’t come from school as he says “because I was left handed my hand eye coordination was terrible”. Steel also told us that he hated sports at school, so when asked “if you could of done any other sport what would you be doing “ his response was running as he told us that he had ran a couple of marathons and had “half decent times”. Steel also continued with saying that he would never do anything with a ball, but he would prefer to do “just cycling”.

Steel was later asked what his biggest regret was and told us that he was messing around and broke his collar bone and couldn’t play in the common wealth games. Four years later it then had to be re-broke, he later went on to tell us “he felt a bit stupid”.

Chloe Dixon


Bryan Steel a two time Olympic medallist admits to breaking his collarbone a few weeks before a Commonwealth Games by ‘fooling around’.

Bryan, who is now happily retired in his home in Mansfield, admits that his happy to finally retire and settle down.

Bryan who is one of Britain’s most decorated cyclists says that his school expected him to be a ‘failure’ in life after only finishing school with one qualification.

He admits to many other mischievous events such as one at his first ever Commonwealth Games, which ended in total embarrassment.

Bryan, who also suffers from dyslexia, admits that without cycling his life would be a big disappointment. Bryan admits to being ‘scared’ of where he would be today without the success of his cycling career.

Brandon Smith


Bryan Steel is an Olympic cyclist from Nottingham who has previously  been one of Britain’s top track riders for over a decade and been an important member of The British Team pursuit Squad contributing to their continued success over the last few years.

Bryan’s international career began in 1990 where he represented England in the Commonwealth Games

Information about Bryan Steel:

He travels on 60 planes a year.

He’s caused a bike crash, and also broke a bone doing a wheelie down the road.

Not much people disagreed with him being a cyclist.

Sports give young people a variety of different skills.

Bryan Steel was 14 when he started cycling, he also thought about giving up cycling all the time because it was too tiring.

Apart from cycling, Bryan likes running.

Bryan has developed a range of programs which inspire and motivate people into more positive activities, which will maximise their true potential.

He purchased a bike, didn’t know how to ride it, but ended up loving it.

Quotes: “Be the best you can be (Today/Tomorrow)

Bryan Steel’s idol is Muhammad Ali.

Mohammed Salem


Bryan Steel, Olympic Cyclist Champion, is now retired. He now reminisces about the amazing experiences he had encountered while in sport. He told us about how he got into the field of sport through his childhood stories, where he informed us about the struggles and obstacles he had to overcome during school. One major piece of information he told us was that he had problems trying to read, stumbling upon his condition of dyslexia at an early age. He was already not a fan of being in school, he said that “I got into trouble a lot in school, I just hated being in education because it doesn’t help you experience the world.” He left school without any major qualifications to assist him with his career, mostly due to the fact he couldn’t read or write and simply did not enjoy school.

It just comes to show that school is important but not everyone can go through school with excellent GCSE’s. Now we see that Bryan ended up as an Olympic Champion, due to expressing his talents and professionalism through cycling even though Bryan was not an academic.

He still is continuing to work in sport through an anti-drugs charity, DARE, where he helps support young people develop their key skills that they will need for life; to experience the world instead of sitting examinations and being limited to what we all can learn without using books.

He would have ended up working for his parent’s family company which meant he would have been in the field of mechanics or engineering mainly with cars. He admitted that if he didn’t find cycling at the age of fourteen and his father didn’t buy him his first bike, he his life would have taken a turn for the worst and he would have probably ended up in prison for causing so much trouble in his adolescent segment of his life. By becoming a cyclist at the age of seventeen or eighteen, it was the most important event of his entire career, thanks to his father and his older brother for introducing him to sports.

“Be the best you, can be tomorrow than you were today. That way you’ll improve.” – Bryan Steel

Rin Nguyen

“BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE” – Bryan steel

No qualifications but one of the most successful man in Britain.  He was 14 when he started cycling and said if it wasn’t for cycling and his dad buying him a bike he would most probably be in prison because he didn’t like school and often got into a lot of trouble.

At  the age of 17 he went on to join the junior cycling team and followed on to join the senior cycling team at 18. Bryan’s first ever Olympic game was at the age of 21. In the 2000 Sydney Olympics Bryan won his first Olympic medal coming in third place. Bryan quotes “ My bronze medal means more to me than my silver.”

Steel won his silver medal just 4 years later in the Athens 2004 Olympics. Bryan also quotes  “training was very hard, I would train about 50 hours a week I often thought about giving up cycling”

Bryan said his favourite motivational saying is Being the best you can be”        

Bobbie Duffy  


Bryan Steel was a former Olympic cyclist for Great Britain, has won a bronze and a silver medal in the Olympics.

Bryan Steel an Olympic medallist, had a lot of problems with school because he had a condition called dyslexia, this created difficulties for Bryan because of this condition he found it hard to read. Bryan did not like school so he started to cause problems in school and at home. In the interview Bryan steel told me “I hated school because I found it hard to learn because of dyslexia” but Bryan still studied car mechanics and got apprenticeship for car mechanics.

Bryan Steel started his career by watching his older brother which was a cyclist. Bryan Steel farther brought him a bike and told him to try it out. Bryan quoted that “even though my brother inspired me but without my dad I would have not started my cycling career”. The local bike shop owner also inspired him because every Sunday he would have taken the children in the area and taught them how to ride a bike. The shop owner told Bryan that he has a special talent, Bryan said “that moment I realised that I wanted to become a cyclist”. Bryan will to win had increased due to jealousy because at his first Olympic event his fellow team mate won a gold medal. Bryan quoted “that made me really jealous and I needed to win an Olympic medal”

Umut Tato           


Bryan Steel, suffered a severe injury when trying to show off doing a wheelie on the road, resulting in breaking his collarbone which hindered him greatly as he dropped out of the commonwealth games. It then re broke 4 years later, a metal plate then inserted which he now has no problem adjusting to.

His cycling career lasted for a period of time with intense training throughout which included 4-6 hours of training a day with the hours decreasing as the intensity increased. Steel would spend around 6 months cycling around the world to countries such as Australia, Sydney and Italy however he never ventured to Russia

“Disinfected person, hated school, left handed, dyslexia” Byran Steel is an Olympic and World champion medallist for cycling, who retired at the age of 35 and is now running his own company.

Carrie Hua


My dad bought it for me when I was 14

My wife is a good cook.

When I was 14 years old I start cycling and at 17 I get to Olympic at 18 I made my title.

My shoulder injured in 2002.

My favourite place is Australia.

I didn’t cry when I got medal but I cried in the toilet.

My favourite colour is blue.

I got two medals silver and bronze if you want to touch it tell me.

My brother helped me to get to Olympics.

Tayab Husseini


Bryan Steel is an Olympic medallist.  When Bryan was at school he suffered from dyslexia and was unable to see the colour red as well as other colours.  This affected him in later life.

Bryan Steel competed in his first Olympics at twenty one. From there he went on to compete in many commonwealth games and Olympics, winning a bronze and a silver medal. Steele did fifty hours of training every week.  He had a strict diet and was under a lot of pressure. He described as his training as “very painful” and “hard work but worth it”. His trainers pushed him very hard and he said that “All they care about is Olympic medals”

For Bryan Steel cycling was the only sport for him. As a retired Olympian he now runs a lot and competes in many half marathons.

Katie Avis


Bryan Steel former Team GB Olympian is now retired and is now continuing his work in sport through his anti-drugs charity, Dare.

Bryan told us about his childhood problems and his time at school. He mentioned having dyslexia from an early age, causing him to have problems in school. He found it hard to read and write and distinguish different colours. These problems did not allow him to enjoy his school, he said “I got into a lot of trouble at school, I hated it” even till today he has trouble reading and writing. Because he had dyslexia he ended up not getting any qualifications at the end of his school year, however, he did get an apprenticeship as a mechanic.

Since he wasn’t such a success at school and got in so much trouble, his father got him to watch his older brother cycle at the park. After a few weeks of just staring at his older brother cycle, his father got him his first bicycle. He was rubbish at it at first; he said “I hated it because I wasn’t good at it”. After tiresome weeks of struggling, Bryan finally was able to master it and began to like it. He told us that he started to cycle at the age of 14.

He began to enjoy cycling even more and decided to continue it and take it as a career. He started to cycle professionally at the age of 17 for Team GB.  He then got into his first Olympic race at the age of 21. Since then his life has changed.

Christian Cocha Guerra


 “If it wasn’t for sports I’d probably be in prison, because of sports I’m here right now”, says the Olympic silver medallist Bryan Steel.

Bryan tells a group of young journalists how sports has brought him to the right path. “I got into a lot of trouble when I was at school.” Bryan was a ‘little trouble maker’ in school, in one of his school reports his teacher wrote that at one point in his life he will be in prison. However Bryan went on and proved all his teachers wrong as he got into cycling and became silver medallist.

Bryan got into cycling when he was 14, “my father bought me my first bike which probably started it all”, Bryan went to watch all his brothers’ races which inspired him, and his father bought him his first mike which started him off.  Ironically Brian hated sports whilst he was in school and was rubbish at cycling for about three years, however couple of years later Bryan won his bronze medal for cycling in Sydney.

“If I wasn’t going to win clean, then I’m not going to win it all.” The Olympic star Bryan is so against drug use in sports that he is the UK anti-dope ambassador. Cycling being a popular sport to use drugs in Bryan thinks it’s his duty as a former Olympic star to get the point across that those using drugs to win a match is not winning at all.

Masuma Begum


Bryan Steel, Olympic medallist, retired at the age of 35. From a young age, Bryan Steel found school very challenging and difficult due to his dyslexia.

“If it wasn’t for sports I’d probably be in prison” He told a group of young journalists this morning. He left school with no qualifications but has become very successful. Bryan’s life could’ve taken a turn for the worst while he was in school as he was seen as a ‘little trouble maker’ by all the teachers.

“Be the best you can be today but be better tomorrow” This is one of the quotes that motivates Bryan the most as it pushes him to do better.

Sara Beshira


“Sports made me the person I am”. Strong words from Bryan Steel who revealed that he “hated school and hated sports”. Bryan Steel winner of 2 Olympic medals spoke highly of his career as an athlete and when asked said that he felt prouder of achieving his bronze medal than of his silver as “to get a silver you have to lose gold” and when asked of his biggest achievement he spoke of one ride in Manchester during the world cup and called it “the perfect ride” he described it as “being in a bubble”.  Bryan said he had no regrets but if pushed he told of a time when he was “messing around doing wheelies” he broke his collar bone therefore causing his to pull out of his next race.

Bryan says “I like running now “ but after questions of whether he would pursue it any further he said no he didn’t believe he was all that good. Now Bryan spends his time with his daughter “she’s only 8 at the moment and she sits on a bike really well”. Is it possible we have another cyclist that will steal an Olympic medal?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sarah Warren


“Sport made me the person I am”. Bryan Steel claims that sport has had a major impact on his life and how it affected his life positively.

Bryan steel is an Olympic cyclist from Nottingham, who is now a retired cyclist and runs his own charity event (DARE). Bryan Steel suffered from dyslexia so therefore he hated school and was demotivated with his education. Here is brief background information about Bryan Steel:

Has two Olympic medals, Silver and Bronze medal.

At the age of 14 he started riding bikes and started off bad at it and after he ended up loving it.

At 17 he joined the junior team

At Age of 18 he joined the senior team.

Favourite bike “Moder Finale”, He also sponsors it currently.

Bryan Steel also reveals his idol which happens to be the great boxer “Muhammad Ali” and says he was frozen while shaking his hand which made him look like a freak.

When Bryan Steel won his silver medal, during the medal ceremony he betted with his teammates of who will cry first and the person who cries first will pay for the beers as a result the cycling team was competitive enough to not cry so therefore the coach who was in tears had to pay for the beers which cost £500.

Umut Gumus


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