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Print Journalism 2014 – Zunaira


Zunaira Majeed, is a charming student that works at City University London however, she has only been here for a brief amount of two years. We asked her what it is like to be a student in City University London.

Zunaira Majeed got her job by having to be interviewed, which she quotes “was a very thorough process.”

Nevertheless, she still succeeded in getting her job.

The job of student ambassador involves lots of interesting things, such as campus tours, talking about university life and last but not least, helping out on visit days.

Meeting different people. Wake up early to come to university.
Good experience for future. Doesn’t get to have breakfast in the morning.


Interesting facts:

  • She drives (Apparently)
  • Her worst birthday present was a two pence
  • A big fan of Harry Potter

Print Journalism 2014 – Tariq

Just the job

Tariq Kunwar, Economics and student ambassador

Tariq Kunwar is in his third year of university; he is doing a degree in Economics. He is 21 and lives in Greenford, West London with his parents and sister. He originally comes from Pakistan (Lahore). Tariq

What do you do as a student ambassador?

I like to give tours and also to help out with open days as well as helping visitors. Part of it is to share my experiences with young students about higher education.

What do you most like about university?

What I like about university is that you meet different people from different cultures. Also, I get to sleep in the lectures which to be honest are sometimes boring.

What do you find most interesting about university?

I find the Economics society club and the football team fascinating. The university is currently building an 8 million pounds sports centre.

Where do you want to travel?

I would want to travel to the Middle East,Dubai. In particular I want to see the Burj al Khaifa, which is the tallest building in the world.

Print Journalism 2014 – Rhea


Rhea Vij, student ambassador


Rhea Vij, who lives in Buckinghamshire, works as a student ambassador at City University London, which is one of the top schools in London. She studies Psychology and is 18 years old.

Why did you choose to study Psychology at university?

I decided to study Psychology at university because I have always wanted to find out why people act the way they do as well as learning about mental health.

What did you want to be as a child?

As a child I wanted to be a teacher because I love working with children, especially gifted and talented children.

What are the pros and cons of your job?

The pros of my job are working with children and meeting new people however waking up early and traveling for 2 hours aren’t my favourite things to do.

What do you do in your free time?

In my free time I enjoy baking all types of things, also going out with my friends and reading.

Why did you choose this university?

I chose this university because I wanted to stay close to London, and it is a good place to study Psychology.





Print Journalism 2014 – Niresha

Just the Job

Niresha,studying Law and human rights Niresha

Niresha, born in South London and 21 years old, is a law student and in her third year. Niresha has also danced in the 2012 Olympic ceremony, a once in a lifetime opportunity. Brave and full of adventure, she has completed the tallest bungee jump in the world.

Why did you choose this University?

I chose this University because I wished to remain in London and my friend chose and applied for this University too. The City University of London is great for studying Law and human rights.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I like watching movies and listening to music.

Have you done any Work experience before?

Yes, in fact I have worked in a human rights firm in South Africa for 5 weeks last summer and a refugee centre in London. My dream job is to work in the UN (United Nations).

When you were young what did you want to be when you were older?

When I was young I wanted to be a window cleaner or to work in the circus.

When you finish University what are your future hopes?

My future hopes is to become a human rights solicitor, which is why I am studying law right now.

What were your A Level results?

I studied English Literature, Philosophy and Biology. When I finished my A Levels I received 2 A’s and a B. Although when I was younger my favourite subject was sports in Primary school.

Do you have any siblings?

I have a sister who is 24 years old. She is studying medicine at the moment and hopefully will soon become a doctor.

Print Journalism 2014 – Maryam

 Just the Job

Maryam Farooqi works as a study ambassador whilst studying law. She was born on 28 April 1995 which makes her 18 years old. Her parents were born in France and Pakistan. Despite the fact, that she was young she wanted to study law. Now she is older she is studying law.

What inspired you to study law? 

‘When I was younger I watched lots of TV shows that involved crimes scenes and what police does.’

Why did you go to this university?

 ‘Because my brother used to come to this university and told me all about it and said he liked it, so I decide to come here.’

What country have you been to?

‘I have been to Kenya.’

In how many lectures have you fallen asleep?

‘I have fallen asleep in 4 lectures.’  

Have you ever been scared?

‘Yes, when I got my appendix taken out.’

If you could be a fruit or vegetable what would it be?

‘I would be a mango because I like hot places ’


Jakub, Raquel and Daniel

Print Journalism 2014 – Karishma


Karishma has been a student ambassador for two years at the City University in London. She is 21 years old and came to the university interested in studying Economics and is now the president of the photography society.

Why did you want to become a student ambassador at this university?

I really like helping and meeting new people, I also love kids and its fun to talk to them. Another reason is because I tried out City University for an open day and saw the brilliant career services and I wanted a degree and a good job.

What course did you do and why?

I studied Economics because I wanted to know how things work and also because of my A levels. In secondary school I was really good at Economics, I have learnt a lot since so I decided to take it as my degree.

What’s your hobby?

Art, travelling and photography. However, I really like astronomy and taking photos of the stars and the galaxy, it’s very fascinating and I am really good at it but I wouldn’t consider it as a career choice.

Why did you take up photography as a hobby?

I took photography because from a young age I was really passionate about it so I took it as a hobby. Although I have turned my hobby into a job and currently I am the president of the photography society I am also teaching others to be great photographers too.

What’s your favourite sport?

Badminton, it’s a really good sport although in my spare time I go out to play football with my friends but I do other sports as well just not as much.

If you could visit any country what would it be?

Japan, I visited it last time and it was spectacular. Also I like Thailand for all its aspects, it’s Karishmabeautiful. Although I have loved Japan since I was a child and watched Japanese cartoons and I still do.

Print Journalism 2014 – John

Just the Job

John Mills, student ambassador at City University

John Mills, 20 years, is a student ambassador studying journalism at City University London. JohnHe was born in Birmingham, 1994. We interviewed him and found a very entertaining and fun person inside him.

What inspired you to study journalism?

When I was younger my dad used to read The Sun newspaper. When he finished reading he gave it to me and told me to read between the lines.

What are your hobbies?

In my spare time I like to read. My favourite books are The Autobiography of Malcolm X and 1984. I really enjoyed reading Malcolm X because the author touches upon everything in the book. Also I enjoy listening to music and jogging because I find it keeps me calm. I enjoy rapping to some of my favourite songs too. I am also working towards studying Arabic so I can communicate with some of my Arabian friends and hopefully read the Quran.

What does studying journalism involve?

It involves writing and working to deadlines. It also involves me using lots of media and having great skills in group work. Sometimes it involves me having to tutor some people studying journalism and helping them with their GCSE’s.

What do you like and dislike about your job?

The best thing about my job is that I can see the world from a different light and work with other people with different cultures and who I have never worked with before. What I dislike about my job is that the deadlines are very short notices.

What did you want to be when you were younger and what are your future hopes?

When I was younger I always wanted to be a lawyer. My future hopes are to become a lecturer and musician.