Print Journalism 2014 – John

Just the Job

John Mills, student ambassador at City University

John Mills, 20 years, is a student ambassador studying journalism at City University London. JohnHe was born in Birmingham, 1994. We interviewed him and found a very entertaining and fun person inside him.

What inspired you to study journalism?

When I was younger my dad used to read The Sun newspaper. When he finished reading he gave it to me and told me to read between the lines.

What are your hobbies?

In my spare time I like to read. My favourite books are The Autobiography of Malcolm X and 1984. I really enjoyed reading Malcolm X because the author touches upon everything in the book. Also I enjoy listening to music and jogging because I find it keeps me calm. I enjoy rapping to some of my favourite songs too. I am also working towards studying Arabic so I can communicate with some of my Arabian friends and hopefully read the Quran.

What does studying journalism involve?

It involves writing and working to deadlines. It also involves me using lots of media and having great skills in group work. Sometimes it involves me having to tutor some people studying journalism and helping them with their GCSE’s.

What do you like and dislike about your job?

The best thing about my job is that I can see the world from a different light and work with other people with different cultures and who I have never worked with before. What I dislike about my job is that the deadlines are very short notices.

What did you want to be when you were younger and what are your future hopes?

When I was younger I always wanted to be a lawyer. My future hopes are to become a lecturer and musician.


Print Journalism 2014 – Georgia

            Georgia Skupinski

             University student

Georgia Skupinski, who is currently in her second year at City University London, studies


international politics. Her supportive family live in Leicestershire, which is out of London, and she lives in Kingston with her friends. We asked her about her student life in City University London, which she enjoys.

What did you want to be when you were young?

I wanted to be an actress, because it looked fun when people were on film. Sadly, I discovered that it would be too much work.

What inspired you to learn about international politics?

Since I gave up acting, I decided I wanted to really understand what being a politician involves.

Why did you come to City University London?

Because I like living in London and my friend suggested City University London as they had good reviews. For example: they achieved 5 stars from     Ofsted.


What are your hobbies and what do you do in your spare time?

My hobbies are running, reading and finally cheerleading (captain of Varsity). In my spare time I visit my family and friends, study and explore London, I really like the houses, tourist’s attractions and the little cafes. Last summer (during the holidays), I volunteered to build houses in America because they got destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

What time do you wake up?

Normally, when there are early lectures, I wake up at 7am. However, there are lectures at 1pm; therefore I can wake up later.

What it is like to be a politician in training?

At university, you can only choose 1 subject. So, seeing as I had only one choice, I decided to go with international politics, which is now my life long goal.


  • Only study one subject which I enjoy.
  •  Meet lots of different people.


  • Get up really early.
  • Lots of work.

By Mina, Callista and Tahiya




Print Journalism 2014 – Aurelia

                                               Just The Job


Aurelia Seidlholfer has been studying Journalism for 3 years. As a journalist, Aurelia likes books and newspapers. Her inspiration to become a journalist was books and children. The books that she read marvelled her. Aurelia

These are the questions and answers to my queries.

!at inspired you to become an ambassador?

I like children. And also teaching children journalism. This is a great opportunity for them to understand journalism. I personally think it is a great topic to study on.

What is your home country?

The country I was born in was Austria-Salzburg. 24th  July, 1990.I am 23 years old.

What are your favourite books and genres?

My favourite book is called Angela’s Ashes. I do not like horror, but my favourite genres are: French and romantic.      

Why did you choose City University London to study in?

I absolutely enjoy studying in London. I like big cities, and most of all, City University London has a great reputation for journalism.

What did you want to become when you were young?

I always loved books and complicated words. That is why I wanted to become a writer. But after, I realised that it is a long, hard job so I am now studying for journalism. 

Print Journalism 2014 – Anastasiia

Just the Job

Anastasiia, student ambassador

What inspired you to come to the university?

Anastasiia moved to the university from Russia to pursue her dream of a good education in the financial industry.

What do you like about this university?

I like the international welcoming at the university because I am a foreign national which makes me feel better about being away from home.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

When I’m not in class I like ballroom dancing and skiing. I would like to improve the student union by creating more dance societies.

How did you feel when you left Russia?

I enjoy being independent, however I do miss my family and friends support.

What inspired you to become an economist?

I wanted to be an economist like my mother (because I’m a bit of a copycat) that is why I selected the financial industry. Anastasiia

What don’t you like about the university?

I don’t like all the self-studies and I want more tutorials.

How does it feel like to be an economist?

I find my job as an economist very interesting.

What is the most unexpecting thing in the  university

I was very impressed by the variety of countries and I was motivated by the university to get a job.

Interview with Asiya Ali, by Tiffany Cheeseman

Year 9 summer school student Tiffany Cheeseman interviews student ambassador Asiya Ali.

Asiya Ali, first year Psychology student

Asiya Ali, first year Psychology student

In the face of adversity Asiya Ali, first year Psychology student at City University London has continued to persevere!  Asiya is deaf and has always wanted to study Audiology, the study of hearing disorders and the rehabilitation of people with hearing impairments, so that she can help other people facing the same difficulties.  However, while in college she was not provided with a reader and found it difficult to get any support from the disability office which had a huge impact on her marks.  Her marks prevented her from getting into her top choices of universities where she was planning to pursue Audiology, Chemistry and Biomedical Science.  But through the UCAS clearing process, she was able to secure a place at City studying Psychology and hasn’t looked back since.

Asiya always knew she wanted to study.  Her dad didn’t let her elder brother or sister go to college, so she was the first in her family to do so and it was her first time going to a mixed boys and girl’s school.  This made her feel privileged and gave her a sense of determination to succeed and make the most of it.  Psychology, Chemistry, and Biology were among the subjects Asiya studied at A-levels as well as completing a CVQ extended project qualification looking at the social development of individuals with hearing impairment.

Seeking out a greater challenge, she went on to develop her skills by partaking in the Duke of Edinburgh programme.  She took up badminton, learned first aid, volunteered to help PE teachers, and went on a three day camping expedition in the peak district where it was so cold that even without her hearing aid she could hear people shivering!  Her hard work paid off when she won the Duke of Edinburgh silver award.

Though she’s taken a much different route to Higher Education than the one she had originally planned, Asiya hasn’t given up on her dream.  When asked what she wants to do after she graduates from City, she said “I’m planning to do a 1 year master’s degree in Audiology”.

Spring Schools in the Snow

By Danielle Russo, Widening Participation Projects Manager

Spring school season at City University London is now well underway – ironic considering the snowy weather we have been experiencing!  So far this year we have organised week long, subject specific programmes in Psychology, Engineering, and Business: all targeted at Year 10 pupils from schools across London.  By the end of July we will have delivered 10 programmes covering a range of subjects.

I love my role because I see the pupils who attend our spring and summer schools develop over the programme.  From the first day when the room is silent, and the pupils feel out of place not knowing what to expect from being at a university, to the final day when everyone is taking photos and swapping facebook and twitter details or mobile numbers, it really is fantastic to be able to share this experience with the pupils. For most pupils it is their first experience of visiting a university and I love seeing their understanding of HE advance over the week.

Each event has its highlights and amusing moments.  Whilst at Thorpe Park learning about the science behind how rides work we bumped into One Direction – this caused mass hysteria amongst the young ladies that were attending and among some of our student ambassadors as well!  I’ve also enjoyed exploring City’s Engineering department and testing out the flight simulators as well as watching pupils design their own psychology experiment and test these on unsuspecting people around the university.

Asked to comment on the Psychology Spring School one pupil replied “I thought that this was one of the best experiences this year so far and I loved it! University is more accessible than I previously thought.  I got to know more about what psychology is and what university is like.  It also helped me with my decision to do psychology when I’m older.”

I can only hope that the pupils who attend the rest of our events this year are as engaged and gain as much from participating in the programme.

Volunteer Management Programme

By Ben Butler, Acting Manager of the Student Development and Outreach team. Ben has been responsible for City University London’s Community Volunteering since 2009.

I love it when a group of people can see a need in the community, get together and work out what they can do to help meet it. I also love it when students get the opportunity to develop advanced management skills – like motivating a team (without payment as incentive), budget management, conflict resolution, liaising with stakeholders – that may not normally arise in a volunteer role. City’s Volunteer Management Programme brings together both of these things.

Nico set up a website to promote cross-cultural understanding among Islington residents

We encourage students to look at our local area positively, to identify what they might be able to offer and put forward their suggestions. We provide them with support and the opportunity to get some funding to help meet any start-up costs, and then we encourage, wait and see the results. When everything works well, everybody benefits and it’s one of the most satisfying parts of my job.

Last week we had the Volunteer Management Programme Panel Meeting, students present their project ideas to me and to our funders, the University’s Development and Alumni Relations Office. It is always enjoyable. We had four presentations, all of which aim to engage local young people in different ways. One of the projects aims to reduce re-offending rates, one to raise awareness of cultural diversity and being a global citizen, one to augment the widening participation work that the university currently undertakes and another project hopes to help people seek creative solutions to problems through imagination and dance. Each of the projects has merit and potential, winning the full support of our panel, but what shines through in each case is how much passion the students have to make things better.

If you are interested in reading more about previous student-led projects, check them out on our Wall of Fame!